When it comes to food then peppers are so versatile that they can be easily included in a whole host of different recipes. However, often the difficulty is in knowing where to even begin with all of this which is why it can be rather useful to look at a list of some of the different recipes that you may decide to go and try. Now, we are not going to provide you with a long list of instructions but this is merely to get you thinking as to what is possible when you have a range of different peppers just waiting to be used for cooking.

  • 1. Red Pepper Hummus.

Hummus goes with so many different dishes and adding red peppers is going to just give it an extra bit of kick. For this you need chickpeas as well as red peppers along with tahini paste, lemon juice, some garlic and olive oil. Basically, you have to blitz the ingredients to make a paste and it is ready in next to no time.

  • 2. Chilaquiles.

If you have never heard of this, then you are missing out. This is a Mexican dish with fried tortillas and they are drenched in either green or red salsa. In this instance, you can use the peppers in order to make the salsa and it is a fantastic accompaniment and you can at least choose how hot you want it according to the peppers used.

  • 3. Piperade.

This is a Spanish dish including onion, green peppers and tomatoes that are all sauted followed by red peppers being added. It can then be used in conjunction with a number of other dishes.

  • 4. Roasted Red Pepper and Spicy Sausage Grilled Pizza.

This recipe is pretty self-explanatory in that you can get your own pizza base, add tomato paste to the base then dress it with both roasted red peppers as well as spicy sausage. It gives you a bit of a kick without being too overpowering which is always a bonus. Simply throw it under the grill to finish it off.

  • 5. Slow Cooker Quinoa Stuffed Peppers.

If you have never had quinoa then you should know that it is stuffed full of protein and it is a perfect thing to fill stuffed peppers. Add some sauce, spices, and beans to complete the mix and then put it in the slow cooker for a few hours to get something that is absolutely delicious. However, quinoa on its own can be quite dry which is why you need something else to balance it out or else this can become quite difficult to eat.

  • 6. Grilled Padron Peppers.

Buy some Padron peppers, add some olive oil and lime juice before throwing on the grill. Keep grilling them until they are charred and do turn them over so that you get them done evenly as that is just going to add something extra to the taste. You are then free to serve it with a number of different things and also do not worry if you do not have Padron peppers because you can still use the same recipe and just swap them for whatever you have lying around. However, avoid bell peppers as you do need something with a bit more of a kick.

  • 7. Basic Roasted Bell Peppers.

Roasted bell peppers are easier than you think. All you have to do is cut them up into sections, drizzle with some olive oil and then place in the oven. Do keep an eye on them though or else they will be burnt although some people do prefer the taste that this then gives. You can then use this as an accompaniment with so many other dishes as it is light but also full of flavor.

  • 8. Stuffed Bell Peppers with Feta and Herbs.

This is a variation on the previous version of stuffed peppers and it shows you what is possible with them. You can mix feta along with beans and various herbs which is then stuffed into the pepper and placed in the oven. It takes just minutes to prepare and the best part is that it tastes absolutely amazing thanks to the feta.

  • 9.Chiles Rellenos.

This is another Mexican dish and the main thing is that it involves a poblano pepper that is then stuffed, roasted, and then covered in a spicy sauce which can be as burning and hot as you want it to be. However, do not worry if you do not have a poblano pepper as that is not the end of the world and it is very easy to substitute it for something else although bell peppers are not going to be the best option as they are the wrong shape as well as often being too mild.

  • 10. Stuffed Poblano with Black Beans and Cheese.

Our stuffed poblano with black beans and cheese recipe is just another variation on the previous chiles rellenos and it is also quite self-explanatory as to what is going to be involved in it. The pepper is stuffed with a mixture of both black beans and cheese and the type of cheese that you end up using is entirely up to you. However, remember that the pepper can be slightly spicy so it has to be something that balances it out or else it can ruin the taste.

  • 11. Basic Jalapeno Poppers.

The fact that this recipe focuses on Jalapeno peppers does of course mean that it is going to be hot so this is not for the faint-hearted. In actual fact, the name of the recipe is slightly misleading because this is one recipe that is capable of really packing a punch in more ways than one. Is recipe is quite simply peppers with cheese and there really is nothing else to it but just remember the heat as that is going to make a difference if you do not have that kind of tastebuds.

  • 12. Chicken Chile Verde.

This chicken chile verde is going to be a blast as most of them include Jalapeno peppers in the recipe. You need to season the chicken and then create a mix of the peppers, chicken stock, garlic, and cilantro as well as some tomatillos and blend it until you get a puree. You then add it to the chicken and it provides a real kick for it.

  • 13. Chicken Fried and Picked Pepper Sandwiches.

If you are looking for just a snack then this chicken fried and picked pepper sandwich idea can be a real winner. Flour and then fry the chicken and make some picked peppers by using vinegar and brine and then throwing in the chopped up peppers and you can also make it as hot as you want depending on the variety that you use. Add it to a sandwich and perhaps throw on some salad to finish it all off.

  • 14. Roasted Red Pepper Tart.

This roasted red pepper tart is easy to make and you have to begin by roasting the red peppers. Make sure the skin is blackened and then let them cool for a bit before you use them again. Get the pastry base and then remove the skins from the peppers. Add in some goats cheese or feta to help add some extra flavor and some olive oil drizzled over it, you can then add some parsley as well if you want to provide something extra on top.

  • 15. Jalapeno Popper Pizza.

If you feel like a pizza with a bit of a Mexican twist, then the Jalapeno popper pizza is going to be the perfect solution for you. As you would expect this is going to have a real kick to it as you need to get your pizza base, add the tomato paste on the bottom, some cheese, and then make the Jalapeno poppers to go on top. However, do use smaller Jalapenos just to make life a lot easier for you and then place under the grill. Be warned that this is going to be hot.

So, there you have it 15 different recipes that you can go ahead and try out straight away and the best part is that if you have already grown any of these varieties at home then a key part of the entire process is already sitting in your home. Now, you do not have to be Gordon Ramsay or anything of the sort with these recipes because it just takes some simple cooking skills and you are going to have something that is absolutely delicious.

It just shows you how versatile peppers really are and the list of recipes that you could use them in can go on forever if you search hard enough. Even though we have mentioned certain peppers in the recipes it does not mean that you have to stick with those at all times. Instead, experiment as that is part of the fun with all of this.