If you have been lucky enough to grow a substantial amount of basil then you will clearly want to know the best ways to use it up rather than to see it going to waste. After all, you have put all of this effort into growing the plants so why would you not want to then be able to use as much of it as possible?

So, if you have felt that there are only a few ways in which you can use this herb then think again because we actually have 17 different amazing ways to share with you.

1. Giving it Away.

The first one is quite easy as you can just give it away to friends and family and allow them to also share the amazing flavor and aroma of your basil. Also, with this method you are able to decide how much you want to hand over at any given time.

2. Make Basil Pesto.

Another option is to go ahead and make basil pesto as this can be stored in your fridge for a number of days and it is going to taste amazing. All you need to do is blend the basil and add to olive oil, salt, and Parmesan and you have a fantastic pesto that goes well with so many different dishes.

3. In General Cooking.

Basil is such an adaptable herb and that means it can be used in a number of different dishes without too much difficulty. This means using it either as a main ingredient or even just as a garnish and you will be surprised at how and when you are able to use this herb in your cooking.

4. Try Out New Recipes.

However, there is no need for you to just stick to what you know with your recipes and the points where basil can be included. Instead, a quick search online will show you that there are so many different recipes out there that include this herb in their list of ingredients that it is just a case of picking one and having a go.

5. Basil Tea.

This is a cool way of using up the herb as basil tea is actually more delicious than you think. You have to remember that basil has a distinct taste that can vary slightly depending on the variety that you have grown so brewing it with hot water in order to make tea is not only going to be tasty but also full of various vitamins and nutrients.

6. Calming your Stomach.

It is widely believed across Italy that basil is going to be a wonderful way of calming the stomach and that is one reason why it is generally added to so many different dishes but the previously mentioned basil tea is also another way of calming the stomach. Basil is known to reduce indigestion and it can also lessen that feeling of being full which, in turn, would certainly make you feel so much better after a meal.

7. Help for Coughs and Colds.

Anything that can potentially help the common cold and a cough is obviously going to be an attractive proposition to so many people. This is something that is used by the Amish as they will chew on fresh basil leaves in order to calm a cough and at the same time make basil tea in order to also help with their illness.

8. A Facial Steam to Help a Headache.

Have you ever used a facial steam in order to help a headache? If so, then add some basil for an extra effect although in this instance it is better if it is using dried basil leaf. Generally, use just a tablespoon of basil with two cups of water and inhale the steam until you feel the headache actually subsiding. This should take anywhere between five to ten minutes to work.

9. It has Antibiotic Properties.

Basil is known to have a number of antibiotic properties and this is not just some kind of rumour. Instead, it is being investigated by scientists in Europe who are focusing primarily on basil oil and its potential help for treating various kinds of bacterial infections in place of using antibiotics.

10. Use on Stings and Bites.

This can certainly sound rather strange to most people, but if you have been bitten or stung when you are outside and you have some basil nearby then you should consider chewing it before then rubbing the chewed up basil on the area where you have been bitten or stung. By chewing up the basil leaf you are going to be able to release those antibiotic properties in the plant and it can then help to draw out the venom that has been left by the bite.

11. Help for Ear Infections.

As basil oil has those antibacterial properties it stands to reason that it could be rather useful at combating ear infections. A few drops into the ear is all it takes and it works in the same way as other similar oils that are also used for this very purpose.

12. Helping with Blood Sugar Levels.

Even if you are not diabetic it is a good idea to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels throughout your life and basil can help you out with this. If you drink it in tea form and do so on a regular basis then there is evidence that appears to indicate that it is capable of levelling out your blood sugar levels and stop those spikes that can occur depending on what you are eating. This, in turn, is going to have a number of major health benefits so using it as a drink is certainly going to be a good idea.

13. Reduce Stress.

How about using up some of your basil in order to reduce the stress that you are feeling? Strong basil tea has been noted as having some relaxation properties attached to it, so anything that can make you feel this way is clearly going to be a wonderful way to reduce stress and this is no different.

14. Making Basil Fragrance.

Making your own basil fragrance brings with it a number of important health benefits. This essential oil is known for not only being able to help with your concentration but to also reduce the effects of motion sickness, nausea, constipation, indigestion and a number of other health complaints. Also, the essential oil is something that can then be added to pot pourri or placed in a burner to give a sweet scent to a room.

15. Preserve it by Drying.

It make sense to preserve a lot of your basil so that you can then use it over an extended period of time later on rather than being forced to throw a lot of it away as you just cannot use it I a short time period. In order to dry it you can use your microwave oven as that is going to be just as effective as any other method out there. Alternatively, hang it in a dry room that has ample ventilation although do remember that this takes longer.

16. Preserve it by Freezing.

If you do not want to dry it then you can also preserve it by freezing it and this is going to be a very easy option. You are able to wash it then place it in a jar or freezer bag and then simply place it in your freezer. Whenever you are ready to use it you simply remove it and add it to your cooking, it really is as simple as that.

17. Cook and Freeze Basil Dishes.

The final way of using up basil is to cook something such as basil pesto and then freeze it for use later on. This is certainly rather useful in that you just have to defrost and re-heat the dish as all of the cooking is already over and the flavor is also not going to be affected either. Put your cooking abilities to the test and see what you are able to come up with but just make sure that it can be frozen before you get started or you will run into a completely different type of problem.

So there you have it, 17 different ways and reasons as to how you can go ahead and use up your basil and as you can see there is just no way that you should be left with excess basil that is then going to go to waste. Of course, there is always the possibility of you using various methods in order to maximise the way in which your basil is being used because after putting in all of that effort the last thing that you want to do is to throw it away. After all, what would have been the point in growing it if that is what you have to resort to?