If you thought that you could only grow herbs indoors in pots and that was all that they were capable of doing, then think again. Instead, there are actually a number of different rather cool ideas that can completely change the way in which you approach growing these herbs. To be honest, the only limitations that you are going to have will be your own imagination so if you have a fervent one, then the sky really is the limit.

So, what kind of ideas are we talking about? Well, we have a few that may be of interest to you and might spark some other ideas in your mind.

  • 1. Hanging Herbs.

Herbs do not take up that much space and that does mean that you can use a variety of containers and grow them in a number of places. One such example are hanging herbs whereby you can use a hanging basket and as long as you do not mix herbs together that will compete against one another then they can grow quite happily. Just remember to water them.

  • 2. Lovely Labels.

Herbs are attractive and if you design your own pots to place them in then they can become a real feature. Make them as decorative as possible so they end up being that all important statement.

  • 3. Tiny Terrarium.

You can easily use an old terrarium as a herb garden as it then acts like a small glass house and can actually provide them with the perfect conditions. Just add soil and herbs and you are good to go.

  • 4. PVC Planter.

There are different PVC planters out there for you to choose from and the best thing is that you can find something to suit whichever space you have available. Just measure the space, think of the herbs, and then get planting.

  • 5. Glass Garden.

Glass bottles and jars can be a wonderful planter for herbs to grow in and they are also going to be quite attractive. However, for the sake of drainage it is best to have them in small pots and then dropped into the glass.

  • 6. Clothespin Planters.

If you are looking for something different for hanging your herbs, then a clothes line and then using clothespins to hang the planters from it is certainly going to be different.

  • 7. Mason Jar Herbs.

Mason jars have been used for some time when it comes to growing things and herbs are no exception. They are big and bold and capable of making a huge statement.

  • 8. Tin Can Planters.

Tin cans are more versatile than you think. Paint them, pierce drainage holes in the base, and then add your herbs for a cool herb garden.

  • 9. Minimalist Mod.

The entire approach for this is to restrict the number of herbs that you are growing and just make sure that what you are doing is spectacular. A simple pot, a bit of green and not taking up too much space is key.

  • 10. Self-Irrigating Planters.

Even though it might not be that creative, self-irrigating planters make life easier for you. There are different types available but all allow for watering to be done bit by bit.

  • 11. Ikea Hack.

The Ikea hack is cool. Use their cups, bowls, anything you can imagine as long as there is a way to use it as a container. Use dishes to place them on or even arrange them in steel pots by the window.

  • 12. Upside Down.

Yes you read that right, you can grow herbs upside down and that is certainly going to be a talking point. You do need to make sure that they are secure of course but as long as they can get moisture to the roots and light to the plant then there is nothing to stop you from doing this.

  • 13. Hanging Garden.

If you do not have a lot of space then herbs can be grown in individual pots that can then be hung on the walls. As long as they are still given the correct conditions in which to grow then there should not be a problem.

  • 14. Vintage Planters.

When it comes to vintage planters the only restriction is that the container you are using can be quirky just as long as it is old. Use old crates, chests, boxes, troughs, window boxes, the list is endless just make sure it looks old.

  • 15. Good Sunlight.

We are throwing in a bit of a tip here but just keep in mind that your herb garden is going to require a lot of sunlight so provide them with this and they are going to reward you in equal measure.

  • 16. Hooks and Rods.

Consider using a curtain rod and then metal hooks so the rod becomes the bar that is screwed to the wall and the pots of herbs then hang down. This can be a great internal design feature and you can also be as fancy as you want with this.

  • 17. Tiers of Herbs.

Tiers of herbs is rather attractive so you have to use something that has shelves at different heights and then use them to your advantage. Use cool pots and have them at varying heights and a range of herbs to get the full impact.

  • 18. Potted and Carted.

By potted and carted what we mean is that they are in cool pots and can be arranged in a pattern and moved around as you see fit. With so many options out there for pots the hardest part will be in deciding which ones to purchase.

  • 19. Vertical Space.

If you are stuck for floor space then you can go up the way as vertical space is always an option. You are even able to buy special containers that allow you to have herbs on varying shelves that are also attractive to the eye.

  • 20. Simply Done.

Here is an idea, just keep things as simple as possible and pot the herbs and keep them there on the windowsill. No problems and not difficult in any way.

  • 21. Teacup Herbarium.

If you have old teacups then add some soil and then plant your herbs. You can also purchase large cups if you want to give them some extra space and it is certainly a cool way of having a herb garden.

  • 22. Bath Time Herbs.

People have been known to rip out their old bathtub and replace it with a shower and you can then use the bathtub for growing herbs. Of course this also means you have a lot of space to use so keep that in mind when planting.

  • 23. Wooden Box.

There are so many styles of wooden boxes out there for you to choose from and at the end of the day wood has always been a good thing to use for growing plants. However, choose something rustic looking for the best possible impact.

  • 24. Sunken Living.

In your kitchen, have a space that is sunken down in which you can plant your herbs. It is not in your way and it actually looks cool.

  • 25. Gutter Mount.

A gutter mount can be used as a container for your herbs and it is not the first kind of thing you would be thinking of. However, when you look at the shape you just need to partly block the hole and it can still work exceptionally well.

  • 26. Sitting Pretty.

One of the best things about this is that you can decorate until your heart is content with your herb garden and the only limitation is going to be your imagination. Make it fit in with the décor of your home so it sits there as pretty as can be.

  • 27. Cubby Hole.

If you have that little space that is not really being used and is a cubby hole then why not put it to good use and put your herbs there? As long as they can get light, heat, and watered they will survive although you might want to check the types of herbs that you use.

  • 28. One Pot.

Add a number of complimentary herbs together in the one pot to not only save space but to then have that assortment there in the one place. However, do make sure that they can be grown beside one another without any problems first.

  • 29.  A Bookshelf Garden.

Those old bookshelves that you were going to throw out can actually be used for herbs. The different shelves provide you with height and it uses up little space which can also be a real bonus.

  • 30. A Vertical Box Planter.

A vertical box planter can effectively be made out of just about anything that you care to imagine. However, most people will simply have wooden boxes on top of one another to give the height and without increasing the amount of floor space that it is going to take up.

  • 31. Pegboard Herb Garden.

If you have a pegboard then buy some hooks and use it to hang your herbs from. Of course the number of herbs you can grow is going to depend on the size of the pegboard but it is a cool option that takes things off the floor and onto the walls.

  • 32.  A Windowsill Garden.

Use the space at your windowsill wisely and make sure that your herbs get the correct sunlight. Of course the size of your herb garden depends on the size of your windowsill but this is one of the most popular places to put herbs when growing them indoors.

  • 33. Rolling Herb Garden.

This idea involves having containers that are effectively on casters. It means you can then move the herb garden around as you see fit and it is all going to depend on the item you are using to move them around as to how cool it looks.

  • 34. A Vertical Hanging Planter.

Fixing herbs onto a vertical hanging planter does mean you get that height without taking up too much space. As long as they can be securely attached it should mean that you are able to hang a number of them safely without running into problems. Get creative.

  • 35. Washtub Garden.

A washtub garden is a great way of using that old tub that is no longer in use and was about to be thrown out. However, it does mean that you are going to use a reasonable amount of soil but at the same time you do get a lot of space and are able to grow various herbs. Not only that, but it looks cool as well.

As you can see, growing fresh herbs indoors really does not have to be about just using a pot and some grow lights. Herbs are rather versatile and because of their size you can grow them pretty much anywhere just as we have shown. All you need to do is to just make sure that you have the correct things in place before you begin and who knows how your herbs are then going to develop throughout their growing phase.

Look at the ideas, think about how much space you have available or what even ties in well with the rest of your home or décor. Remember, herbs are far more versatile than you think and they can handle a number of different conditions and do not really mind what they are being grown in just as long as they have the correct amount of sun, heat, humidity and watering. At the end of the day it is your skill to grow plants that is going to be the deciding factor more than how creative you can be in working out where they will go in your home.