Growing organic tomatoes at home is fun although if you are wanting to really stick to the idea of organic then you clearly have to spend time getting to grips with whatever it is that you plan on using when it comes to fertilizers. After all, you are hardly going to be able to use chemicals as that goes against the entire thing about it being organic so what do you do?

Well, in actual fact you can make your very own natural fertilizers at home and they are not even that difficult to do. To be honest, with just some simple instructions to follow there is absolutely no reason why you cannot go ahead and produce your own fertilizer that is able to get some pretty amazing results.

Now, it is entirely up to you as to which one you want to use and we would recommend trying several first in order to see which one is able to provide you with the best possible results.

· 1. Banana Peels.

The first option is to look at banana peels and even if you do not have any bananas around your home they are at least easy to get. The key here is that bananas are high in potassium and that potassium is also in the peel. Buy some of them in the compost beside the tomato plant and it will break down into the soil and boost your tomatoes.

· 2. Aquarium Water.

We accept that this might sound strange, but aquarium water can also be used as a fertilizer. This is because of the fish waste that is in the water which is going to contain ammonia and plants are going to love that although never do this if you have a salt water tank or you will damage your tomato plants.

· 3. Cooking Water.

Cooking water is another option to consider because the water ends up containing various nutrients after it has been used to cook different vegetables. The only thing that you have to remember is to make sure that the water is allowed to cool before you pour it in.

· 4. Coffee Grounds.

Coffee grounds can be a wonderful way of fertilizing your tomatoes. Used coffee grounds contain nitrogen and phosphoric acid which your plants are going to absolutely adore. Allow the grounds to dry out and then scatter it around the base of the plants to allow it to go into the soil and be absorbed by the roots.

· 5. Egg Shells.

If you thought that using egg shells was some old tail that was not true, then think again. The reason for this is that they have around 1% nitrogen along with various nutrients and phosphoric acid. Breaking them up and allowing them to sit on the soil and be watered in and the roots can even extract some of the calcium in the shells.

· 6. Seaweed.

Seaweed has various nutrients that can be used by the plants and if you think that you need to wash all of the salt water off it before use, then there is actually no need. Instead, you should look at chopping it up into pieces and let it soak for weeks in a bucket of water before being added to the soil.

· 7. Weeds.

This approach will often confuse people in that they wonder how weeds can then be used as a fertilizer but it is easier to understand than you think. Weeds that have not got to the flowering stage are going to be very high in nitrogen and you will be aware of how your plants are going to need this to grow. Dry them and then chop them up to use as a mulch.

· 8. Molasses.

Adding molasses to compost is supposed to help boost the microbes in soil that are beneficial to plants. However, this is something that is used more rarely than other methods although it is known to be helpful in its own way.

· 9. Animal Manures.

This is going to be the most widely used natural fertilizer as so many people swear by the benefits that it can bring. Animal manure is high in so many nutrients and essential minerals that plants need to grow that nobody should attempt to grow tomatoes without it. Add it to the soil before planting and it will feed for an extended period of time.

· 10. Cat and Dog Food.

The idea of using cat and dog food in order to help fertilize your tomato plants is not going to be something that most people would think of. This is because the food itself is high in protein as well as having other micro nutrients that can make a huge difference. Allow it to decay naturally which means you need to add it into the soil before adding your tomato plant to really get the benefit.

· 11. Worm Castings.

This is another idea that sound bizarre because you do wonder how using worm castings can actually be such a good idea? Worms are amazing at helping plants so get them included and see the difference that they make.

· 12. Compost Tea.

If compost tea sounds like your kind of thing, then you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how well it works. Get compost, add water to it and allow it to sit for a few days. Strain it and then use the liquid to feed your tomato plants. This liquid is going to be so full of nutrients and your plants are going to love this special kind of water that is being poured all over their roots.

· 13. Wood Ash.

You are going to be able to get wood ash from either your home fire or a fire pit and this is one thing that is going to work really well as a fertilizer. The reason why it is so good is thanks to it being very high in primarily potassium but there is also going to be some calcium carbonate in there as well which your plants are able to use. Try and use hardwood and avoid charcoal.

· 14. Green Tea.

You might be aware of the fact that green tea is good for us but you might not know that it is also very good when it comes to your plants. You should only ever use quite a weak solution of it and do this every four weeks. Make sure that there is just one tea bag to a total of 2 gallons in order to just play things safe.

· 15. Hair.

Yes, we really did just say hair and if you have never thought about using this as a fertilizer then to be honest you are not exactly going to be alone in having that way of thinking. However, you need to think about what is in hair to see how it is going to make a real difference to your tomato plants because hair does contain nitrogen and it has quite high levels of it as well. Furthermore, we are not just talking about the hair from your head so if you have a dog and groom them then keep their hair and the same applies to a horse.

· 16. Horse Feed.

Sticking with horses, horse feed is another option with your own fertilizer. This is important because of the molasses that are in it and the way in which you apply it is also very easy as it can just be sprinkled on the top and left to break down into the soil. You can also add it to water and allow it to soak before then being poured over the soil as an alternative option.

· 17. Powdered Milk.

If you have some powdered milk lying around and you are not using it, then give it to your plants as they are going to love it. You will not be surprised to hear that this is because of the levels of calcium that are in powdered milk, but you need to work this into the soil before you do any planting so that your tomatoes can make full use of it.

· 18. Corn Gluten Meal.

Now we accept that you might not have this just lying around your home but it is easy enough to purchase and it does make for a wonderful homemade organic fertilizer. The reason why it is so good is simply because it contains approximately 10% nitrogen and that is going to send your plants crazy with desire. It can also be used as a herbicide but include it early on and you are going to end up having plants that love you again.

· 19. Blood Meal.

Blood meal does not sound nice but at the same time it is going to be something that is capable of making a huge difference to your plants. This is actually very popular when it comes to helping plants and do you know why? It is a very valuable source of nitrogen as it is sky high in it so adding this to the soil is going to be something that you really should do.

· 20. Fish Meal.

Fish meal has so many different nutrients in it that your plants are going to wonder what has hit them when you add it to the soil. The nitrogen that is contained within it is going to be able to be accessed by your tomato plants in next to no time as well so they are going to reap the benefits immediately. This makes this a wonderful tool to use if your plants are stressed out.

· 21. Guano.

Guano is bat droppings and of course you are not going to have any of that around the place but it is something that is up there with animal manure since that is effectively what it is. Once again this is high in nitrogen and considering the way in which tomato plants need as much nitrogen as possible then you can see why adding guano to the soil can be very effective and increase not only the growth of your plants but also the crop that you will be able to harvest.

· 22. Bone Meal.

Bone meal is something else that has been used over an extended period of time as an organic fertilizer and the reason for that is also very easy to understand. This is something that is not only going to contain nitrogen but it is also very high in phosphorus which is also something else that tomato plants need in large quantities in order to grow as well as they should. You will also find that there are levels of calcium in the bone meal as well making this a pretty much perfect fertilizer.

· 23. Rock Phosphate.

Finally, we have rock phosphate and this is something that you will be able to purchase from a number of different people. As the name suggests, it is high in phosphates and your plants need this to really push on. However, it is fair to say that this is not something that is used as often as other forms of natural and organic fertilizer but it is still capable of doing a fantastic job if used on a regular basis.

So, there you have it 23 different homemade natural fertilizers that you can go ahead and start to make immediately just as long as you have the correct things at home. Now, the results do depend on other important factors so do not think that these fertilizers are going to be the best thing ever as you still need to put in the work elsewhere to make sure that they can really boost your tomato plants. However, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that they can really increase your crop and considering the effort you have put into getting them to this stage then that is the least that you should expect.