If you thought that tomatoes had to just be round, then think again. Instead, there are various shapes that can appear thanks to the different varieties of tomatoes that exist and it is rather interesting to look at the variations that are out there as it certainly adds some intrigue to your usual growing pattern especially when you are doing this at home.

All in all, what we have here are 12 different multi-shaped tomatoes for you to perhaps consider.

1. Round Tomato.

The first shape is the round tomato and that is obviously going to be the one that most people are aware of. The vast majority of varieties that are out there on the market are round in shape and indeed it is also the shape that you tend to see when you go to the grocers market. It can vary in size quite considerably and that is also attributed to the different variations that are out there and which you can grow. These tomatoes generally measure between 50mm and 70mm across and the most popular varieties are known as Moneymaker and Alicante.

2. Cherry Tomato.

The cherry tomato is small in stature and size but it can certainly pack a huge punch when it comes to its taste. The plants that cherry tomatoes come from are going to be miniature as well and that is one thing that makes them so popular when growing tomatoes indoors. The shape is slightly flattened and it will be anywhere between 25mm to 35mm across which is significantly smaller than the round tomato. Consider looking at Sungold and Sakura as examples.

3. Flat Tomato.

The flat tomato is also known as the beefsteak and the one thing that this variety is known for is its sheer size. Their shape will often be rather flattened and it is certainly not round by any means. The varieties that are available can range from 200g to 1kg each. There are a number of varieties that can be grown with some names to look out for including the likes of Pruden’s Purple, Brandywine, and even though they are more popular in the US, varieties are available around the world.

4. Cylindrical Tomato.

The idea of a cylindrical tomato is going to be rather strange for a lot of people, but they are more common than you think. The fruit tends to have two sides that are pretty much parallel with one another and they are quite elongated. Their size does vary depending on the variety in question and if you are wondering about names to consider checking out then Rosada is a miniature version but if you want something larger then the San Marzano is more popular and is often used in Italian cooking.

5. Plum Tomato.

The plum tomato is another version that most people are going to be aware of. In this instance, the fruit is going to be quite oval in shape with a typical bulge in the middle of the fruit even though it is quite elongated. This type can also grow to various lengths as there are cherry versions available which is, of course, going to be perfect for growing indoors. Consider Apricot Dream and Nova as two names to look out for.

6. Oxheart Tomatoes.

If you have never heard of oxheart tomatoes then you are probably sitting there wondering what on earth they look like. Generally speaking, they can grow up to the same size as beefsteak tomatoes but they are actually shaped more like strawberries which is slightly strange. It might not then come as a surprise to discover that the most common varieties of this shape of tomato includes names such as Orange Strawberry, German Red Strawberry and the more peculiar, Wes.

7. Obovoid Tomatoes.

Obovoid tomatoes are also known as pear tomatoes and even though they are rare they are actually a variety of tomato that goes back centuries. As you would expect from its rather descriptive name, it is pear shaped and if that is not enough to make you want to know more, then what will? They are seen as having quite a rich taste to them and are also used in Italian cuisine where they are looking for more of a flavor. There are a number of varieties for you to choose from including names such as Baby Bottle Red Pear, Black Pear, and Sophya although there are a number of others out there as well.

8. Heart Tomatoes.

Heart tomatoes are another interesting development as they do end up being heart shaped which is rather amusing when you set eyes on it for the first time. There are not too many variations out there and they are a result of growers taking two different tomatoes and cross-pollinating them and the result is something that is completely different to what you will be used to seeing on the grocery shelves. If you want to give this a shot, then consider looking out for seeds or seedlings of names such as Hogs Heart or Orange Russian. Hogs Heart is smaller in size, but it does pack a real punch which is always a bonus.

9. Long Tomatoes.

The idea of growing long tomatoes may be rather amusing to some as it does conjure up a certain image in the mind but it is not as crazy as you are perhaps thinking. In actual fact, there is some confusion between people as to what constitutes a cylindrical tomato and what makes a long tomato and there is a certain degree of crossover between the two. They can vary a great deal in length and once again if you are looking for names then you should be keeping an eye out for the likes of Long Tom and San Marzano as some varieties do actually manage to fall under the long tomato category.

10. Grape Tomatoes.

Grape tomatoes are quite cool and as you would expect from their name it does mean that they are relatively small in size but that does not mean that they are weak tomatoes. In actual fact, nothing could be further from the truth because they may be small but they have a lot of flavor and are a wonderful snack. They are seen by many as being a variation of the plum tomato and clearly they are also then going to be viewed by some people as referring to a miniature version of the plum tomato as they can often be along the same shape. There are actually numerous varieties out there and the best part is that most of them are relatively small in height and that is going to make them a wonderful tomato plant to grow when you are looking at doing so indoors. For names, then consider the likes of Cherry Roma, Green Grape and Gum Drop although there are many many more to choose from.

11. Campari Tomatoes.

Campari tomatoes sound exotic and, to a certain extent, that is what they are. This type of tomato is known as being quite sweet to the taste and they are also regarded as being very juicy. They are larger than the cherry tomato and yet are also smaller than the plum tomato which gives you an idea as to the size that we are talking about. It is also most commonly found being sold as tomato on the vine in the stores. For names, we recommend looking out for the likes of Magic Mountain and Cornell M but do be aware that the plants will tend to grow to 6ft in height.

12. Tomberries.

Finally, tomberries is another type of tomato and it is perhaps going to be one of the varieties that you have never really heard of before. However, this is a type of tomato that makes the cherry tomato seem as if it is absolutely huge as the majority of tomberries are only going to be 5mm across. In other words, they really are the same size as the likes of blueberries so you can understand why they have been given this name. They can be either yellow or red in color and are very sweet in color. They have been produced in the Netherlands and even though they are not that widespread they are certainly something that is worth trying.

Overall, you can see that if you thought that the humble tomato was just round in shape then you are so, so wrong. Instead, the humble tomato plant is capable of not only producing fruit in a variety of colors but also shapes with some being rather stranger than you would have ever thought possible.

There is no reason why you cannot go ahead and grow different varieties that ultimately provide you with different shaped fruit and that in itself is going to be rather intriguing for a lot of people. Each variety is very specific in what it can offer you and how it is best to be grown but as long as you take the time to learn about them then you should really have no problems whatsoever.