If you thought that tomatoes had to be red, then think again. In actual fact, there are a number of different varieties out there that do not exactly match the usual color scheme and yet some people are then put off growing them as they just look wrong. However, the taste and everything else is just the same as it would be for the more common red tomato and it is rather interesting to look at the different varieties in order to get a better idea as to what is actually out there and available for you to grow.

1. Bi-colored Tomatoes.

Bi-colored tomatoes are pretty self-explanatory in that you will then have a fruit that has two colors with the general preference being a mixture of yellow along with red blush tinges to the skin. More often than not, although this does depend on the variety, the fruit is going to be rather sweet compared to other colors and there are certainly a number of varieties for you to choose from.

In addition, some will have two colors on the interior as well and even though that may be slightly off-putting for some people, it does make it rather attractive. Varieties to look out for in this include the Vintage Wine or the Hillbilly but the most popular is the Green Zebra which is rather distinctive with its green and yellow stripes.

2. Red Tomatoes.

This is of course the most prominent variety of tomato as it is the one that pretty much everybody goes for no matter how experienced they may be when it comes to successfully growing tomatoes. There are so many varieties of red tomatoes that they do make up the vast majority of the different types of tomatoes that are out there on the market. You are able to grow plum, beefsteak, cherry, and a number of others and for many this is their first foray into growing tomatoes due to the ease with which they can grow.

3. Pink Tomatoes.

If you were under the impression that pink tomatoes were just red varieties that had not been able to fully ripen, then you are wrong. For most people, the pink tomato is able to achieve a rather delicate balance when it comes to sweetness and the color can range from a very pale pink to a shade that is almost red in color. They are also regarded as being far more old-fashioned when it comes to the taste and appearance and you should consider the likes of German Johnson or Anna Russian as some varieties to look out for.

4. Orange Tomatoes.

Orange tomatoes can certainly add something different and, once again, they are often confused as being tomatoes that have still to mature and are not quite ready to be picked and eaten. However, there are a number of different varieties of varying sizes for you to choose from. They can also range from a pale orange to a darker color and they are currently all of the rage in restaurants. They are quite delicate in their taste and you should look at varieties such as Amana Orange, Mandarin Orange or the pretty obviously named Big Orange.

5. Yellow Tomatoes.

After red tomatoes it is perhaps fair to say that yellow tomato varieties are the next most popular and in particular with the smaller cherry tomato varieties that can be grown indoors. They are often regarded as being substantially sweeter than the red varieties and they certainly pack a punch when it comes to their taste. They should certainly be something that you should try to grow when dealing with tomatoes indoors as they are relatively easy to get to germinate and they will provide fruit for an extended growing season.

With yellow tomatoes, keep an eye out for varieties such as the Golden Sweet which is perfect for containers or the Yellow Ruffled is also something that is going to delight your taste buds as well.

6. White Tomatoes.

White tomato varieties are relatively rare, at least in comparison to various others that are out there, and it is perhaps fair to say that people are often scared to give them a go. However, if you are able to get past the color aspect and look beyond that, then you are going to have a tomato that is actually rather spectacular. The other thing to think about is that they are technically not white but rather they are more of a pale cream color.

Certain varieties are going to be packed full of juice and sweetness and that certainly does apply to the beefsteak variety but do look out as some varieties of white tomato can be quite bland in taste and the best ones to check out include the likes of Potato Leaf, White Beauty, and Halfmoon China seeds.

7. Green Tomatoes.

This is the one that does confuse so many people as they are just unsure as to when the tomato itself is ready to be picked since it just stays green throughout its lifetime. In addition, the color does tend to put people off the idea of eating it but that in itself is crazy because these varieties can add a real zing to various dishes.

Here is the thing, a real green tomato is that color because it is so sweet whereas the unripe red tomato that is still green will be extremely bitter to the taste so there is a huge difference. To know when they are ripe you have to feel them and when they are slightly soft to the touch, then they are ready to be picked and eaten. There are several varieties to choose from including the likes of Grandma Oliver’s, Green Giant and Charlie’s green tomato.

8. Purple Tomatoes.

Purple tomatoes do sound rather strange and even though there may not be that many varieties out there for you to grow of this color that does not have to mean that you should go ahead and avoid them at all costs. In most instances, a variety of purple tomato is going to have a slightly different taste to what you are used to with a tomato as many growers argue that it is rather smoky and is quite sweet and is completely different to the more normal red tomato. The one other thing to keep in mind is that the color does change when you cook them so if you think that the purple is going to be preserved, then you are wrong.

Varieties such as the Cherokee have thin skin along with a sweet taste and for some people they can be quite overpowering with their taste but that should not be enough to put you off giving them a go.

9. Black Tomatoes.

Finally, how about the idea of growing black tomatoes? This does sound seriously strange and you may not feel as if they are going to be rather appetizing, but they are substantially better than you are perhaps aware. Generally speaking, these tomatoes share a number of the same characteristics as black tomatoes as they are closely related to one another.

Now, they are not actually black in color so do not allow that to put you off trying them. Some are actually a dark brown color or a very deep purple but they do then give off the impression of being black hence the name. It is only recently that they have become very popular around the world as they used to be restricted to a small part of Russia before they exploded in popularity.

When it comes to varieties to try growing then look out for names such as Black Crimson or Black Prince. They do vary in size so keep that in mind when you are thinking about growing them at home but they do not require any other specialist knowledge so if you think that you can only grow red tomatoes, then you are really going to be mistaken.


So, as you can see there are a number of different tomato varieties out there for you to try and you do not have to just stick with the usual red if you actually want to be rather adventurous. Remember, the actual growing of them is going to be the exact same as it is just the variety, the skin color, and at times the taste that is different. Treat them the same, water them correctly, fertilize, and provide ample light and you are going to be richly rewarded with some pretty amazing tomatoes over their entire growing period.

The best part is in experimenting not only with the colors but to also then see what the taste is like to see which one you prefer. However, if you go ahead and grow a number of varieties then what you are going to end up with is a rather colorful plate including a range of tomatoes that are going to blow your mind.