If you have discovered that your succulents have stretched beyond their normal means then this is going to lead to a plant that is just not as strong or as healthy as it should be. However, the good news is that it is actually something that can be rectified, but only if you know how. The best part is that this is not going to involve a lot of specialist knowledge, so do not worry if you are in this situation as it can be remedied.

1. What Do We Actually Mean by the Term Stretched Out?

First, what do we mean by this term? What can actually be stretched out in this instance? Well, there are several important points that will signify that this has happened but primarily you should be looking for these key changes.

· The succulent has lost its more compact form compared to the younger plant.

· There is more space between the different leaves.

· There is a clear change in the growth in a short period of time.

In other words, the succulent is just not in the same form as it was previously.

2. Why Did it Happen in the First Place?

Next, how did this happen? What caused your succulents to grow in this manner all of a sudden? By getting to grips with the reasons behind it happening it does mean that there is a better chance of you then being able to rectify the problem and also avoid it happening again. In general, the main reasons as to why this has happened are as follows.

· The plant has had too little intense light over a short period of time.

· This makes the plants stretch out in a quest to get more light.

· The plants are also going to lose some of their color due to the lack of light.

· A plant is always going to head for the sun so if it is in a dark corner then you have problems.

3. Is Your Succulent Actually Ill?

Now, if your plant is not as vibrant with its color or the leaves are just not as well formed, then people will often start to think that their plant is actually sick and it is a perfectly plausible thing for one to assume. Technically, they are not sick as such, but at the same time they are hardly going to be very healthy either so this is somewhat of a mixed area depending on who you believe.

· A plant is still able to grow in low light conditions even if it is stretched.

· The plant may not have the same color but it is still alive.

· The plant will tend to be unable to live as long as a result.

· In other words, it might not be ill but it does have a shorter life expectancy.

4. Am I Able to Reverse Things?

So, are you able to reverse things and get your plant back on track? Well, this is a perfectly reasonable thing to think about and the good answer is that, yes you can actually make the plant a lot better and it is so much easier than you had perhaps imagined.

· Look at the parts that have stretched out and prune them back.

· This makes sure that the plant regains its compact structure.

· It will survive even quite a hard pruning.

· You can use these cuttings to grow another succulent plant.

5. How to Stop it Happening in the First Place.

When it comes to stopping this from happening in the first place then the answer is going to be very straightforward, you need to make sure that your succulents are able to get an adequate level of light. This will often mean the following.

· Make sure that they get at least 8 hours of light per day.

· Put them next to a sunny window.

· Alternatively, use LED grow lights to make life easier.

6. The are Not Always Ugly.

But here is the thing, just because a succulent has stretched out does not have to mean that the plant itself is very ugly. In actual fact, this is all going to depend on the type of plant that we are talking about as some look better than others. However, you might want to consider this before you think about leaving them alone.

· Does it look unnatural for the plant to be like this?

· Is the plant healthy enough?

· Are you able to provide a big enough container for it and care for it?

· Is there added upkeep with it?

That is how you fix the problem of your succulents being stretched out and as you can see there really is nothing too difficult there. However, it is still important that you take the advice on board and apply it the best you can and you will see the benefits in your plants in next to no time.