If you thought that the humble tomato was just nice to taste, then think again. This fruit is actually so packed full of goodness that it is capable of helping to improve your health in more ways than you would have ever thought of being possible. In actual fact, what we have here are 30 different ways in which the tomato is going to benefit your health and by the end of it all you are going to be wanting to go out and eat as many of them as possible.

Benefit 1: Lower Cholesterol.

Tomatoes are known to lower cholesterol and it is all to do with something in them called lycopene which has been shown to lower cholesterol by as much as 10%. All you need with this is 25mg and it has been shown that it is just as effective as statins in people that are on a lower dosage of the tablet.

Benefit 2: Help the Circulation and Fewer Blood Clots.

Another benefit is that tomatoes have been shown to help the circulation and reduce the frequency of blood clots. This is attributed to the appearance of selenium in the fruit and this has been shown to help the blood flow around the body. It is also linked to lycopene which has been shown to help in circulation as well and vitamin C is known to help thin the blood and if it is thinner then it flows more easily.

Benefit 3: Prevents Artery Hardening.

This is going to be a huge benefit, but it has been shown that eating tomatoes can help to prevent artery hardening. Once again we have to look at that lycopene which is actually the thing that gives the tomato its red color. This has been shown in research from Korea to help in preventing hardening of the arteries. The higher the levels of lycopene then the less stiff the arteries which means a reduced chance of heart disease.

Benefit 4: Lowers the Risk of a Stroke.

As tomatoes contain something called carotenoids, it has been shown that they can play a role in reducing the risk of a stroke. The main thing that contributes to this is that lycopene again and this has been shown to be effective in a number of studies. The reason for this is that lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and this has been shown to reduce the number of free radicals that damage cells leading to a stroke.

Benefit 5: A Source of Vitamins and Minerals.

As tomatoes are sky high in various vitamins and minerals it does mean that your body is going to benefit in a number of ways. Tomatoes are generally high in vitamin C, vitamin K, biotin, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, copper, manganese, niacin, and folate. They all play a role in your health and the number of ways are too numerous to mention here.

Benefit 6: Prevent Cancer.

This in itself is rather amazing, but studies have shown that tomatoes can play a role in helping to prevent various forms of cancer. Main studies have shown that the red coloring in tomatoes can help to prevent cell damage and DNA changes that lead to prostate cancer in men. There are also signs that it can help against stomach cancer, colon and rectum cancer, breast cancer and also cervical cancer and it is all thanks to that lycopane.

Benefit 7: Prevent Kidney Stones and Gallstones.

Thanks to the fact that tomatoes are so high in various antioxidants it does mean that eating them can prevent kidney stones and gallstones. They are both formed by a build up of calcium and the antioxidants in the fruit can stop those accumulations that lead to the stones.

Benefit 8: Prevents Urinary Tract Infections.

Research has indicated that tomatoes can help to prevent urinary tract infections. As with most things, it is because of the level of antioxidants in the tomatoes that means that they are going to be extremely useful to the body in a number of ways. A UTI is caused by a build up of bacteria and the antioxidants will fight against the free radicals produced by the bacteria so they are unable to really take a hold.

Benefit 9: Provide Strong Bones.

Tomatoes have been shown to be helpful in building strong bones thanks to the old friend, lycopene but as that only provides the tomato its red color but tomatidine in green tomatoes has also been shown to help increase bone density. If you increase bone density then you are going to also have stronger bones.

Benefit 10: Control Asthma.

The idea of tomatoes helping to control asthma is rather intriguing. The reason why they can be so effective is not only due to the lycopene and the way it tackles those free radicals and prevent damage to cells, but also the levels of vitamin A in the tomatoes. Both have been shown to be effective at helping to control asthma in a number of people.

Benefit 11: Fight Inflammation.

Anything that is capable of fighting inflammation should be warmly welcomed by every single person. The tomato can help with this thanks to the levels of vitamin C, phosphorus and lycopene as well as the way in which it helps your immune system as it gives this a boost. If your immune system is working well then inflammation can be tackled more quickly.

Benefit 12: Reduce Chronic Pain.

If you reduce inflammation then you are also going to reduce chronic pain as so much of that comes from inflammation in the body. In other words, thanks to the vitamin C, lycopene and phosphorus levels it does mean that pain can be tackled all over the body bringing considerable relief to so many people.

Benefit 13: Help your Blood Pressure.

Tomatoes have also been shown to help keep your blood pressure healthy and that is going to also then reduce the risk of so many other potential health issues later on in life. This is linked to not only the lycopene (which is a real wonder antioxidant) but also the potassium as this has been shown to help level out the negative effects of salt in the body. Salt is known to be a major contributing factor to poor blood pressure which is why tomatoes can be so effective.

Benefit 14: Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels Helping Diabetics.

Tomatoes are absolutely fine to eat if you are diabetic, but at the same time it has also been shown that they are able to help stabilize blood sugar levels which is always an added bonus. They are low in carbohydrates so there is no spike in your blood sugar levels when eating them and at the same time they help to keep your glucose levels under control in your urine thanks to the lycopene and another antioxidant known as quercetin.

Benefit 15: A Healthy Heart.

Tomatoes have been shown to help a healthy heart and it is all thanks to a number of different important factors. Thanks to the potassium lowering your blood pressure, the quercertin keeping your blood sugar levels under control, and the lycopene reducing hardening of the arteries and lowering the amount of inflammation in your body then you can start to see how it is going to help your heart. Furthermore, the high levels of vitamins have also been shown to play a role.

Benefit 16: Eye Health.

Yes, tomatoes can also help the health of your eyes and it is down to a number of important things that appear in them. Of course, we have to include the lycopene but it is also thanks to the role of vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin and they have been shown to help the blood supply in the eye and prevent cell damage.

Benefit 17: Fight Against Depression.

Tomatoes have been shown to be potentially effective at helping to fight against depression and this is something that is often overlooked with them. The lycopene has been shown to reduce the feelings of stress and it has also been noted that it helps to repair damaged brain cells. Also, thanks to the way in which it helps your health it can also prevent depression by helping you to avoid becoming ill in the first place.

Benefit 18: Help the Digestive System.

Tomatoes can offer some help in regulating the digestive system and this can bring a substantial amount of relief to so many people. They contain fiber and the vitamins within the tomato can also help to prevent difficult bowel movements. Also, the antioxidants can help to remove toxins from the body which also then play a role in increasing inflammation in the digestive tract which is then tackled by the antioxidants in the tomato.

Benefit 19: Reducing Constipation.

As was hinted at above, tomatoes are able to help you to reduce constipation which is a huge relief. Once again it is because of their high fiber content and it is widely accepted that increasing the amount of fiber in your diet is going to help make your bowel movements a whole lot smoother.

Benefit 20: Repair Damage by Smoking.

Tomatoes can help to repair the damage caused by smoking thanks to the way in which those antioxidants can repair cell damage and even prevent it in the first place. Also, as they can help to combat asthma and breathing issues so you can see how tomatoes can help to alleviate so many of the problems associated with smoking.

Beautiful healthy young pregnancy eating vegetable salad

Benefit 21: Health Benefits for Pregnancy.

Tomatoes can offer a number of different health benefits for women that are pregnant. They are seen as being beneficial due to the level of vitamins A and C as well as iron. They can promote entire body health and will also help the fetus to grow as well.

Benefit 22: Improve your Immune System.

Thanks to the number of vitamins and minerals that are contained within them, tomatoes are going to be wonderful at improving your immune system. We must also include the various antioxidants as well since they do play a role in reducing the stress on the immune system as well as inflammation.

Benefit 23: Stomach Health.

Tomatoes can help boost stomach health in those people that have poor digestion thanks to lower acid levels in their system. Tomatoes are of course quite acidic so by raising these levels it will indeed lead to better health and fewer digestion issues as well.

Benefit 24: Increase Digestion.

The way in which tomatoes can increase digestion is actually rather useful. We just said how it can boost acid production and by doing so it means that your stomach is actually able to deal with the food as there is enough acid to break it down. Also, thanks to the reduced inflammation in your digestive system it also means that the stomach can cope with whatever is being thrown at it.

Benefit 25: Improve Fluid Balance.

The way in which tomatoes help to improve fluid balance is by regulating the amount of salt in your body thanks to the potassium levels. By reducing and regulating these levels it means that your body is not going to be as dehydrated and, of course, tomatoes are 95% water so it is going to be a good and healthy supply.

Benefit 26: Detoxify the Body.

If you are looking at trying to detoxify your body, then tomatoes can undoubtedly play a key role and for this we have to once more look at the antioxidants. You need to remember that the antioxidants help to remove toxins from the blood and body, so when this happens you can then begin to understand how it is going to detoxify the body. Lycopene really is a wonder antioxidant so eating rich, red tomatoes will certainly help in this instance.

Benefit 27: Prevent Premature Ageing.

People want to prevent premature ageing and there are so many ways in which what you eat can play a key role. In this instance, we are looking more at the way in which tomatoes can help your skin and also protect you from sunburn which does play a role in the speed at which your skin ages. It has been shown that they improve the way in which your body deals with UV light and that five tomatoes are similar to putting on a very low level sunscreen. The antioxidants prevent cell damage and they also boost collagen levels in the skin which plays a role in the elasticity. As you age, those levels decrease leading to skin looking older and tomatoes can help to slow down that process.

Benefit 28: Lose Weight.

How about the idea of tomatoes helping you to lose weight? Well, this has been shown to be effective which does come as a relief to many. The cool part is that we are not talking about you eating copious amounts either. Tomatoes are very low in calories and they are also high in fiber. More fiber fills you up faster and also deals with cravings and they do not release insulin in your body which leads to fat storage so overall they are pretty good at combating various things that are related to weight gain.

Benefit 29: Better Skin.

We have mentioned this briefly just a few benefits ago, but tomatoes are wonderful for your skin and they help in various ways. For example, the water content in tomatoes can help with hydration and that is key to keeping healthy skin. We have also noted how they boost collagen production and levels in your skin and the antioxidants will also protect you to a certain extent against damages to skin cells. The vitamins (such as vitamin E) will also increase the general health of your skin leading to fewer blemishes.

Benefit 30: Make Hair Look Better.

The final benefit is that the humble tomato can help your hair to look better. The main reason is because of the levels of vitamin A and this is a key component in helping your hair to appear shiny and strong. Furthermore, there is also iron in a tomato and this is also known to help boost hair growth so if it is stronger, longer, and shinier then of course it is going to look substantially better than before.

So, there you have it there are 30 different health benefits associated with tomatoes and you are probably a bit surprised as to how this relatively simple fruit can help in so many ways. Most of it is related to antioxidants and in particular lycopene and you can understand how they are now seen as being a superfood thanks to that one single ingredient. Also, you do not have to eat them continuously or in huge amounts because at times even just drinking half a glass of tomato juice a day can have a major impact on your health.

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