There simply cannot be anything worse than spending all of that time growing your pepper plants only to discover that they are just refusing to produce either any flowers or fruit. This is enough to put you off growing them again in the future but in all honesty there can often be a number of simple explanations as to why this is the case. Indeed, when you see what could have caused it then you are going to understand how you can actually avoid these problems in the future.

Why the Pepper Plants Won’t Produce.

At this point, we are going to look at five different main reasons as to why your pepper plants are just not producing flowers or fruit. After this, we will give you some advice on how to move forward and rectify the situation even if this is for the following year.

  • Issues with the Temperature.

The first reason is that there may have been problems with the temperature in that it has probably been fluctuating too much for the pepper plants to be able to handle it. Also, if the temperature is too hot for an extended period of time or too cold then they are going to suffer so you need to keep it around the 70F mark as much as possible to stop this from being an issue.

  • The Weather.

Pepper plants are very susceptible to the weather. If it is too dull then they will struggle. If it is too damp then they are going to find it hard to move to the flowering stage. In other words, they are very particular in what they like and anything that differs from that is going to be something that should be avoided.

  • Blossom End Rot.

This is a familiar disease that can really hamper how a pepper plant is going to progress. You will notice that there is some rot that appears on the bottom part of the fruit where the flower used to be and this can also lead to you losing all of the fruit that is on the plant. It is often put down as happening due to there being a lack of calcium in the plant as well as giving them too much water.

  • Problems With Not Enough Nutrition.

If you do not give an adequate level of nutrition for the plant then it is not going to exactly be encouraged to press ahead and provide you with flowers resulting in a poor crop. However, at the same time over feeding the plant will also have a negative impact as it only encourages the plant to continue to produce green foliage and not to then move on to the next part which is producing fruit.

  • Poor Attempts at Pollination.

The final reason that we are going to mention is when there has been a poor attempt at pollination for the plant. You need to remember that the pepper plant needs pollination to help push it onto producing fruit and seeds rather than just the foliage. If the plant is not pollinated correctly, then there is less incentive for it to flourish.

The Best Advice to Overcome the Problems.

So, those are a few of the reasons as to why this may happen to your pepper plants, but at the same time you also want to discover the best advice to be able to then overcome these problems in the first place. Due to this, we have a number of important points that you might want to consider.

  • Dealing with the Light.

If a pepper plant is able to get the correct amount of light on a daily basis, then it is going to really be pushed into moving to the flowering and fruiting stage. Now, if you are growing indoors then it is important to use grow lights and we recommend LED grow lights as they provide light on the correct part of the spectrum for both vegetation as well as the flowering stage.

  • Take Command with Insects and Weeds.

Both insects and weeds are able to cause all kind of damage to the plant and it is then less likely that it is going to be able to start flowering. So many insects will suck the life out of the plant and when it is losing those nutrients then you can begin to understand why it is so difficult for it to then continue to grow as it is lacking in so much vital energy. Also, weeds take up so many nutients from the soil so if they are doing that then clearly those same nutrients are being taken from the plant leading to stunted development.

  • Understand the Watering.

Pepper plants need to have a regular watering system for them to then develop in the way that they should. Pepper plants are going to hate having their feet wet leading to root rot and a failure of the plant to then kick on. Water regularly but do not soak it and make sure that the water can drain out of the bottom of the container.

  • The Correct Fertilization.

We said that there was a need for you to better understand the fertilizer aspect as that can have an impact on the way in which the plant develops so we have to stress what we mean by the correct fertilization. If you put some manure into the soil before planting then you will be providing more than enough for the plant until it gets to the flowering and fruiting stage. At this point, you should use a balanced fertilizer that provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in equal measures and only fertilize every three to four weeks.

  • Consider Hand Pollination.

As pollination plays such an important role then it makes sense for you to consider the idea of hand pollination if you are serious about making sure that everything goes well. This is easier to do and it involves getting a cotton swab and adding the pollen to each and every flower. You will then find that it is able to fruit and stop the vegetative state without any problems.